Understanding the value of Food is essential for making the correct nutritional choices  to be healthy or optimal recovery. Many people may think they are being healthy do to the “low fat” options or not eating chocolate. Food is more than fuel, it is information! Think of the body as a computer system if you continuously download from illegal sites(junk food), you’ll soon get a virus and Crash (become overweight, unfit and unhealthy)

Calories – What are they are? 

A calorie is simply a unit of measure for energy consumption in the body.  When a food or drink has a calorie marker this means it will provide XX amount of energy per gram ingested.

  • Calories are used in every single function of the body.
  • It is our currency for voluntary and in-voluntary contractions.
  • We burn Calories when we move and exercise, even fidget. And we also burn calories when we are at rest for the heart, lungs and brain to function.

Yes calories are important, but its how you get them that should be even more of a priority for us, 2000 calories worth of Cereal and burgers is not the same as Steak, rice and veggies.

“You are what you eat” is probably something you’ve heard before, now if this is true, Then why would you want be cheap, fast, easy and fake

Macros – The building blocks of a solid diet

Protein – Energy, repair

This macro is essential for the repair of muscle tissues, to help the muscle adapt to the stress applied to it.  Usually referred to as  the “Bringer of gains” getting enough protein will determine the weight you lose is muscle or fat. Ladies this Macronutrient will not get you jacked, in fact it will help you feel fuller for longer, keeping cravings at bay helping you to lose weight.

Fat – Hormonal function and energy 

Lets start by saying Fat won’t make you Fat.  This macro has become victim to the sharing the same name with the stuff that sits propounds our waists. Research shows no correlation between high fat diets and higher body fat levels, it does however show a correlation between over consumption of any Macro (and In turn calories) to higher body fat percentages. Adequate and appropriate intake levels of all Fats will assist  in correct hormonal function, especially the production of testosterone and Eostrogen. Which we all need to be in balance for weight loss or body composition goals. It will also assist you in longer duration training or workouts as the production of Fatty acids is highly aerobic.

Carbohydrates – Energy and recovery 

These guys are the maker or breaker of most nutritional endeavours and should be treated as such. If your looking to improve performance then Its simply impossible to recover and adapt properly if your carbohydrate intake is too low especially in a strength and conditioning or CrossFit setting where the training is highly glycolytic. Try to avoid sugary carbs and have a the bulk from starchy carbs and  fiberos vegetables.

Lets get real for a sec, there is no perfect diet and what has worked for one person might not work for another. However we have found that just by eating plenty of fresh whole foods, and cutting out the processed junk foods you will see a massive improvements in health, performance and body composition. Theres is more to food than just fuel and feeding the body, its our relationship with food and our habits around food that cause us to be successful or not.