“Our members make StrongBox what it is. The incredible supportive community will inspire you to get more out of your training than ever before, we just provide the environment and a little bit of expertise to help you get there. Check out what our members have to say about training at StrongBox “

“It’s a fantastic group of people. I’ve learned a lot of new skills. The coaches are amazing”


StrongBox Member

“Best. Coaches. Ever. I have never been able to stick to any form of exercise for long but thanks to coach Sally Bennett, I am officially addicted to working out and am enjoying the process! I have fun each and every time I go in and am treated like an athlete and with respect no matter what my fitness level is. Quwaa has truly changed me for the better!”


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“Aug 2017 – (Weight: 130kg (287lbs) Body fat: 37%) I was so excited to go on my annual leave to Bali, until I took my seat on the aircraft and realized the seatbelt didn’t fit around me. It was then I realized how much weight I had gained; and now, simple things I always took for granted became an issue.

I returned from holiday determined that I need to diet and work out, but I had no idea how to start or how long it would take me. That is, until a friend suggested I join him and start doing CrossFit at Strongbox.

The idea was so intimidating as I had only seen fit people doing high intensity workouts and Olympic weightlifting. For heavy guy like me that would be impossible!

I faced my fears and went for a class. What I saw was completely unexpected. The team support, trainers who oversee everyone’s progress and who scale every workout to your level while watching your progress… Even for a heavy guy I never felt less than others because I gave it my all. Strongbox is a place where everyone appreciates what you do and makes you feel accepted!

May 2018 – (Weight: 95kg (210lbs) Body fat: 25%) I have seen results that I never believed possible. I’m in better shape at the age of 36 than I ever was throughout my 20’s.

I never thought I would enjoy lifting weights, but it’s such fun to lift and incorporate weights into a high intensity workout. My strength has increased more than I ever thought possible through dedication and hard work.

Trainers Bolt, Mate and Jorge are the best in the business. They get to know everyone on a personal level and always keep an eye on you. They advise you and celebrate your progress. CrossFit has truly changed my life.

I love being a part of the Strongbox family. No matter your level of fitness, come and give it a try! ”


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